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Uniplumbg Group is a privately held company and specializes in plumbing and OEM products
since 1984. Since the beginning, Uniplumbg has grown into global markets and invested
continuously in operations to serve the market.
Taichung, Taiwan (Headquarter / Administration)
Zhejiang, China (QA / Sourcing / Logistic)
Rocky Hill, CT, USA (Warehousing / Distribution)
Chino, CA, USA (Warehousing / Distribution)

Our services offered are Warehousing, Logistics, Quality Assurance Dock Audits, and any service
needed by our customers. We tailor the services and costs based on the value added required
by our end customers.

The group now provides the global market with goods and services, and also provides a wide
range of products and services tailored to the needs of our customers in areas such as brass
castings, zinc die casting, forging, bar stock extrusion, screw machining, plastics, stampings,
stainless steel products, rubber goods and many other products we have in our approved
supply chain.

For over 30 years dedicated in the field, Uniplumbg is rooted and enjoys a reputation for its
strong know-how, engineering background and excellent service. We specialize in all services
for OEM customers, manufacturers, and provide sourcing agent services and flexible services
tailored to customer needs with our capabilities.

We thank you for your time and attention to the brief introduction of our company described
as above, and do sincerely look forward to the pleasure of servicing you.